Who we are, and how to say "hello"

We are a group of musicians who have come together to discuss the history and future of music. We all share a passion for music and believe that the evolution of music has only just begun. We believe that there will be tremendous changes in the future, both in the type of music that is created and how it is distributed.

We are all excited about the possibilities that the future holds for music. We believe that the next few years will bring about some of the most innovative and creative music that has ever been heard. We are already seeing new genres of music being created, and we believe that this is only the beginning. We are also excited about the future of music distribution. With the internet, music can now be heard all over the world, and we believe that this will only continue to grow.

We are all committed to helping shape the future of music. We believe that it is important to keep an open mind and to be willing to experiment. We are also committed to making sure that the music of the future is accessible to everyone. We believe that music should be free from the constraints of commercialism, and that it should be shared freely and openly. We are always looking for new ways to distribute music, and to make it more accessible to everyone.

We believe that the future of music is bright, and we are excited to be a part of it.

Finally, if you have constructive comments or criticisms to make about our site we can be contacted by emailing thegang (at) totnesearlymusic.org.uk.