Totnes Early Music Society

Past concerts

18th January – Flauti d’Echo
23rd March – The Telling
27th April – Syrinx

19th January – Masumi Yamamoto and Boris Bizjak
10th March – Passamezzo
6th April – Convivio
28th April – Ensemble Molière
15th September – The Emily Askew Band
20th October – RCM Baroque Ensemble
30th November – Steven Devine and Kate Semmens

20th January – Zak Ozmo
3rd February – Susanne Heinrich and Jonathan Manson
18th March – The Brewery Band (Morag Johnston and Matthew Wadsworth)
29th April – Concentus VII
23rd September – Blondel
1st December – Rosafresca

29th January – Julian Perkins
5th March – Consortium5
16th April – Musica Domestica
17th September – The Bach Players
4th November – The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

30th January – The Askew Sisters
7th March – Angela East
6th June – Robin Blaze and Elizabeth Kenny
19th September – Eleanor Harrison and Andrew McGinley
31st October– K’antu Ensemble
27th November – Galliarda

7th February – Jakob Lindberg
15th March – Chelys
3rd May – Daughters of Elvin
13th September – Liam Byrne and Arngeir Hauksson
18th October – Musica Domestica
8th November – Ensemble Meridiana

8th February – Ashley Solomon and Terence Charlston
9th March – The Oxford Waits
7th June – Devon Baroque Ensemble
30th August – Carnival Band
12th October – London Baroque
22nd November – Leah Stuttard

17th February – Passamezzo
30th March – Liam Byrne and Lynda Sayce
21st April – Joglaresa
1st September – The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments
6th October – Steven Devine
16th November – Jennifer Bennett and Yair Avidor

4th February – Ibi Aziz and Jennifer Barron
18th March – Angela East
29th May – Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
3rd September – The Artisans
15th October – Adrian Butterfield and Rachel Brown
25th November – The Loosemore Duo

12th February – Jacob Heringman
12th March – Le Jardin Secret
10th April – London Baroque
4th September – Daughters of Elvin
23rd October – Continuum
18th December – Dufay Collective

28th February – Duo Dorado
28th March – Pantagruel
2nd May – Stile Antico
5th September – The Oxford Waits
23rd October – Gandolpho
27th November – Julia Doyle and James Weeks

2nd February – Susanne Heinrich
26th March – The Oboe Band
6th September – Consortium5
18th October – Ashley Solomon and Terence Charlston
7th December – Exaudi

27th January – Pantagruel
24th February – Concert Royal
17th March – Jakob Lindberg
21st April – Joglaresa
13th September – Margaret Faultless and Andrew Wilson-Dickson

21st January – Carole Cerasi
25th February – Crispian Steele-Perkins
11th March – Palladian Ensemble
24th March – Brook Street Band
8th April – Daughters of Elvin
13th May – Da Camera
7th September – Emma Kirkby and Fretwork
11th/12th November – Devon Baroque

26th February – Jette Rosendal and Colin Booth
19th March – Susanna Pell and Jacob Heringman
16th April – Alva
21st May – Concerto Delle Donne
1st October – Sweelinck Ensemble
12th November – Parnassian Ensemble
10th December – Opus Anglicanum

24th January – The Rose Consort of Viols
21st February – Charles Daniels and David Miller
6th March – Da Camera
24th April – Joglaresa
20th October – Ritornello
6th November – Margaret Faultless and Devon Baroque
9th December – Charivari Agreable

18th January – Concertante
15th February – Chalamie
15th March – Ciaconna
6th April – Daughters of Elvin
16th May – Roxana Gundry and Stephen Webber
25th October – Concordia
22nd November – The Music Collection

16th February – Colin Booth and Steven Devine
16th March – Apollo and Pan
20th April – Mediva
5th October – Charivari Agreable
16th November – The Brook Street Band

18th January – Concertante
10th February – Musica Mundi
23rd March - Armonico Tributo
5th May – Daughters of Elvin
13th October – Eroica Quartet
24th November – Susanna Pell and Jacob Heringman

12th February – Trio Tagarela
11th March – Charivari Agreable
8th April – Alva
7th October – Michael Evans and Klyne Williams
18th November – Frottola

16th October – Concert Royal
27th November – Alison Crum and Roy Marks


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